Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Last Supper, con cuy

In downtown Lima, there is a monestary, now a museum, called Monesterio de San Francisco. It contains intricately carved wooden ceilings made of thousands of interlocking pieces, which hold themselves together with no glue. Kind of like a way more badass version of those lock-together hardwood floors. It also had catacombs full of 25,000 people (all apparently rather short, judging by the ceilings).

But what made the biggest impression on this irreverent gringo was the painting of the Last Supper. Created centuries ago by a peruvian artist during the time of Spanish rule, it has a devil on Judas's shoulder, children running around all over the place, and in place of the bread, guinea pigs. Yes, you read that correctly. Peru is awesome.

Unfortunately, pictures were prohibito, so I don't have any for this entry. Next time.

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