Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pachacamac: The universal temple

Also, alpacas! Well, one alpaca. And it was in a pen. Next to the museum cafeteria where all the workers and guides were eating lunch. So not exactly in the wild, as it were. But my first! So a picture was necessary.

The museum this time was for the ruins at Pachacamac, the day's adventure. Pachacamac is unique in that it was a collection of temples used by 4 different cultures over a period of about 2000 years. Not only that, but they all worshipped the same gods! I don't have much to say about the place, other than that it was pretty cool to be in a place that was used for such a long time. Even the ancient buildings in Rome weren't used for that long, unless you count them being used for building materials in the dark ages.

And now, photos!

The peruvian hairless dog, agreed upon by Peruvians and tourists alike to be ugly as sin.  Nice mohawk, though.

A several-hundred year old tapestry, preserved remarkably well by the desert.  I have t-shirts in worse shape than this.

Our guide, who was pretty cool.  Asked me a lot of questions about american drinking games.  I did my best to explain beer pong in spanish.

The moon temple, where the woman were housed.  Before being sacrificed.

The bunch of us on top of the sun temple, the location of said sacrifices.  Far left is Sofia, who is a student, and her uncle Hermando, a retired miner.  They've been incredibly nice and accomodating, and I've learned a hell of a lot of Spanish in the past few days.

And that's that for Pachacamac.  Tomorrow, David arrives and the adventure will soon move into the Andes.

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Mary Elizabeth Partin said...

Oh my goodness!!! It looks like you are having sooooo much fun in Peru!!! Oh and I love the shirt! Way to Rep ABCKT all the way down there!!