Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Our luck runs out

All good things must come to an end - even bus nirvana.  We arrived in Cuzco late, said goodbye to Shanna, and hailed a taxi, only to realize that we didn't have the poles for our tent!  We raced back to the terminal and found the bus, but they were truly gone.  It had been two buses since we last used them, so they could be anywhere in Peru by now.

Not wanting to dwell on things, we set out for the district* of San Blas to find a hostel.  But while the views were as beautiful as promised, almost none of the hostels were open that late, and those that were had jacked up prices since the Lonely Planet was published (this has proven to be a common theme).  We finally found a double room for 25 soles each, which I suppose is only about 9 USD - still more than we're used to paying though, and about half my daily budget.  We got our room and promptly hit the sack, hoping for better luck in the morning.

*District is really a strong word.  Cuzco has a small-town atmosphere and is generally pretty walkable.

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