Saturday, December 5, 2009

Peru Day 1: The Flight

The flight was, surprisingly, quite comfortable. I got an exit row seat and had tons of leg room. I almost gotten stuck in fort lauterdale, though! They said the plane was too heavy, and then started calling out names. Thankfully they only kicked a couple people off.

My seat companion for the first leg was a michigander who looked to be in his 40´s, and said he was retired (for 5 years) and now just played the stock market on occasion to make money. Said he lives 6-8 months a year in jamacia, and that he just got back from Thailand. Kept talking about the woman in these places, and how cheap the massages are. Also talked about how in Michigan, he lives with his girlfriend in the same town as his ex-wife. A real character.

One final surprise awaiting me in Peru: upon touchdown in Lima, the passengers erupted into a round of applause. After that, things were uneventful; I found the my ¨host family¨ (family of one of my mom´s coworkers) right away, and though traffic in Lima was crazy, I sat safe and comfortable riding shotgun on the way to the house.

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