Friday, May 30, 2008

Yellowstone, Day 4: Dreary but not weary

raindrops patter
raindrops splatter
on the rainfly
doesn't matter

snowflakes pattern
on the the windshield
making a field
of liquid smatters

slippery road
slippery slope
arkansas wideload
almost elopes

sued left, sued right
sued every which way
this snowmobile fight
just won't go away

here comes the sun
oh what fun
but it's just kidding
it does the cloud's bidding

and the clouds today are dark
the clouds today are grim
the camp is full of wet tree bark
and the prospects don't thrill

but this group doesn't care
we're on a mission here
and no matter how the weather fares
we won't shed no tears

Special Feature: Deleted Stanzas!:

rocking piano
Mike's the man-o
with the beats
to tap the feet

Mmm, bison
You died for my sins
but to eat your flesh
gives me grins

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