Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Yellowstone, Day 9: Dangerous Burrito

I decided to forgo my Day 8 entry, because I didn't really have anything interesting for that day. So we continue with Day 9 and the Epilogue, coming up shortly.

Sitting under a tree on a high ridge, runners' high coursing through my veins, with a spring rainstorm coming over the next mountain, I lean forward and take the first bite of my burrito. My tongue is enveloped in the dueling richness and sweetness of peanut butter and honey. As I continue to chew, my nostrils encounter the pungent counterpoint of French's mustard. Suddenly, I realize that something has gone terribly wrong. These competing factions in my mouth have united to form a tenacious, amorphous blob that threatens to take over my teeth. In desperation I take another bite, hoping to find the last ingredient. As my life flashes before my eyes, I encounter a familiar crackle.

It is the missing link in my salvation. The marauding mass is overrun by the visceral, satisfying crunch of wheat thins. I increment my blessings and don my raincoat as the approaching cloud's dark tendrils reach our position.

hands grip rock and pull
toes find cracks and hold
I scramble up the errant boulder
to a perch that is full
of views of cliffs far and wide
of drops nearby of dizzying heights
I creep cautiously over, look down
and enjoy the distance beneath my crown

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